Spring 2021 FMN Announcement: COVID Vaccination: From Science to Society Faculty Mentoring Network


COVID Vaccination: From Science to Society

Combatting misinformation in science and medicine

Applications Due: December 15, 2020

While the world is anxiously awaiting a C-19 vaccine, a vaccine itself will not be successful if enough individuals do not become vaccinated. Once a C-19 vaccine emerges from the dozens in development, the only way it will truly be successful is if enough people get the vaccine to create herd immunity. At the same time, vaccine hesitancy, like the use of face masks and social distancing, reflects the push and pull of individual rights versus community values, science vs non- science.

Colleges and universities have a unique opportunity and responsibility to respond NOW to the anti-vaccine and anti-science messaging through robust educational resources provided through this FMN. Grounded in the best practices of virtual education, materials will contribute to the urgently needed national C-19 vaccination education efforts.

Participants in this FMN will focus on how to use data-driven modules in undergraduate life science courses. Accepted applicants will customize and implement newly designed educational modules on these topics. While doing this, they will be presented with experts in their respective fields to create a foundation to understand COVID Science and Vaccine hesitancy to combat misinformation.


Applications are due December 15, 2020. Please visit for additional information and instructions about how to apply.

Space is limited, and the network is launching soon, so apply now!

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