Spring 2021 FMN Announcement: Molecular Case Studies: At the Interface of Biology and Chemistry

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Molecular Case Studies:

At the Interface of Biology and Chemistry

If you teach about biomolecular structure and function and wished you had access to ready-to-use, content specific, molecular structure-function case studies for your class please read on. Would like your students to independently visualize, navigate, and analyze protein structuresuse data from public bioinformatics data resources to explore and even create authentic cases in biology /chemistry/ biochemistry/ other related fields? Apply now to join the Spring 2021 Molecular Case Studies Faculty Mentoring Network.

As participants your will be introduced to a framework for the Molecular Case Studies and several different examples in the first few weeks. You will have access to introductory materials and tutorials to learn and/or refresh your memory on how to use some of the data resources needed for navigating through the cases. You will then have a choice of either pilot testing at least one of the cases from the CaseNet or engaging your students in developing new cases! Following the FMN the student authored cases will be reviewed for publication in Molecular CaseNet. Students who contribute in developing the case story, related molecular discussions and hands-on activities will be authors on the case, when published.

Applications are due Dec. 11, 2020. Please visit for instructions about how to apply.

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