Events: 2016/06/20

  • 20 Jun 2016
    • 12:00 pm EDT 
      9:00 pm EDT 

      B2 Scholars: Creating a culture of transformation within the two-year college biology community

      Category: Faculty Mentoring Network

      B2 Scholars are biologists and biology educators at two-year colleges who demonstrate a strong commitment to advancing their teaching practices by developing their individual scholarship in such areas as teaching, research, grant writing, and assessment. The B2 Scholars also engage with...

    • 7:00 am EDT 
      5:00 pm EST 

      HHMI Biointeractive Faculty Mentoring Network

      Category: Faculty Mentoring Network

      BioInteractive offers free, engaging multimedia resources on a variety of science topics. In this group, participants will work in collaborative groups to adapt existing BioInteractive materials that focus on quantitative skills, have rich data sets, and are paired with primary literature for use...

    • 8:00 am EDT 
      5:00 pm EDT 

      2016 Summer Solstice Snapshot

      Category: General

      Project BudBurst is seeking plant observations from across the country during June and July! Celebrate summer and contribute valuable data to a national plant phenology database by observing plants in your community during Project BudBurst's Summer Solstice Snapshot campaign.

    • 8:00 am EDT 
      5:00 pm EDT 

      ASM Microbe 2016

      Category: General

      The field of microbial sciences is evolving. More and more important discoveries are occurring at the intersections between disciplines, and trans-disciplinary collaboration has never been more important than it is now. Integrating ASM's two premier events, General Meeting and ICAAC, the...

    • 8:00 am EDT 
      5:00 pm EDT 

      Lowering the Activation Energy: Making Quantitative Biology more Accessible

      Category: Seminar

      Biology requires a rapidly expanding set of quantitative skills including data analysis and management, statistics, modeling, computational reasoning, and visualization. If you are interested in developing your biology students' quantitative skills, this is the summer workshop for you! Join...

    • 8:00 am EDT 
      5:00 pm EDT 

      2016 Summer Workshop

      Category: Workshop

      The 2016 BioQUEST Summer Workshop will be an exciting meeting, bringing together the BioQUEST, QUBES and Science Case Net again in a National Academies Summer Institute on Undergraduate Education. For more information, contact Kristin Jenkins (

    • 9:00 am EDT 
      9:00 am EDT 

      2016 National Academies Special Topics Summer Institute on Quantitative Biology "Lowering the Activation Energy: Making Quantitative Biology More Accessible"

      Category: Meeting

      Modeled on the National Academies Summer Institutes, the Quantitative Biology Summer Institute (QB SI) is presented by BioQUEST, Science Case Net and QUBES.  This will be a working meeting during which participants will learn about and use evidence-based teaching strategies such as backward...


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