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S-JEDI Learning Group Resource

Author(s): Carrie Diaz Eaton1, Jasmine Roberts2, Pat Marsteller3, Maggie Diamond-Stanic4

1. Bates College and QUBES 2. The Ohio State University 3. Emory University 4. Bates College

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This resource provides a curriculum for a 6 week learning group centered on examining social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, specifically geared to organizational leaders in open education.


This resource provides a currated collection of readings and videos, activities, and discussion prompts to guide a 6 week learning group.  The intended outcome of this S-JEDI learning curriculum is to improve STEM postsecondary education through a centering of social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (“S-JEDI”) pedagogically, curricularly and structurally.  This resource is appropriate for peer learning communities that focus on examining social justice, equity, and race/racism in open education resource organizations. It is specifically geared to organizational leaders in open education interested in a peer learning community around race, racism, and STEM education, but is applicable and adaptable to a broader audience as well. 

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