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Human Dimensions in Amphibian Conservation: Addressing Threats

Author(s): Jennifer Sevin1, Alexa Warwick2, M. Caitlin Fisher-Reid3, Sarah Raisch2

1. University of Richmond 2. Michigan State University 3. Bridgewater State University

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This module introduces students to the theme of human dimensions in conservation and provides them with an opportunity to engage in practices related to social science research.

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Version 1.0 - published on 28 Jun 2021 doi:10.25334/JES3-V748 - cite this


In order for conservation efforts to be successful, they must incorporate the human element. This module includes a series of activities aimed at providing students with a foundation on human dimensions in conservation, while also allowing them the opportunity to undertake in practices related to social science research.  Activities include small group and class discussion, stakeholder analysis, scientific reading, building a conceptual model and developing a research proposal.  Instructors may choose to use all theses components for a multi-week learning module or incorporate individual components. There are also optional extensions, links to websites for additional resources, an accompanying PowerPoint presentation and Student Activity packet.  While the main theme for this activity focuses on amphibian conservation, the activities can easily be applied to address any biodiversity or environmental related challenge.   

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