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DCS 105 F24 Reading List Bates College

Author(s): Carrie Diaz Eaton1, Sadie Kriegler

Unity College

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The reading list for DCS 105 Calling Bull: Data Literacy and Information Science is curated to enhance students' understanding of misinformation and its impact on society.


This reading list accompanies the resource "DCS 105 Calling Bull F24 Schedule" and supports students understanding. It covers a range of topics from the basic definitions and identification of misinformation to the advanced analysis of statistical traps and the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. Students will explore various media forms, including academic articles, podcasts, and investigative journalism, to dissect real-world examples of misinformation in policy, science, and everyday life. The readings aim to develop critical skills in data visualization, scientific interpretation, and ethical considerations in the digital age.

Readings are sorted by week and by topic. Our course utilizes the site Perusall to track students reading and comprehension. We ask students to "Please make 7 thoughtful annotations (comments, replies and/or questions) total, well distributed in the document. You can use @ to reply to others in the class and you can use # for keywords." 

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