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Lecture-track, Emory Chemistry Department

We seek candidates with a Ph.D. in Chemistry who have a strong commitment to pedagogy and a specific interest in teaching undergraduate lecture and laboratory courses with a preference for biomolecular chemistry. Applicants with prior teaching experience are encouraged to apply. More information is available in the attached link. To ensure full consideration, all materials should be received by October 15, 2019.

BioQUEST Contact: Pat Marsteller

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Lecture-Track, Emory Biology Department

We seek candidates with a Ph.D. in the biological sciences and a strong commitment to pedagogy and a specific interest in teaching and advising undergraduates. Applicants having prior experience with evidence-based teaching practices are encouraged to apply; postdoctoral experience is preferred. More information is in the attached PDF. Review of applications will begin November 1, 2019

BioQUEST Contact: Pat Marsteller

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Increasing Student Success in Developmental Mathematics: Proceedings of a Workshop

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Kristin Jenkins onto Developmental Mathematics

UDL Graphic Organizer 2.2

From CAST, this updated version of the three principles of UDL has suggested checkpoints

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Top 10 UDL Tips for Developing Learning Goals

Resource from CAST on developing learning goals

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BAG module integrated into Molec Biol

I integrated a BAG module (using the methods to assemble certain genes) into a "standard" Molec Biol course.

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Eric Cooper onto Syllabi

Stevenson University Molecular Genetics Syllabus Spring 2017

This is a syllabus where Build-a-Phage was implemented in the laboratory portion of a semester-long elective course for majors. 

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All Ethics in Synthetic Biology Resources

This "bundle" contains all resources in the Ethics in Synthetic Biology collection.  

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Elia Crisucci onto Ethics in synthetic biology

Data Science Health Innovation Fellow (6028U) Job #27188


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Decolonizing data

While this article focuses on public health, the discussion of decolonizing data is valuable: Decolonizing data is where "the community itself is the one determining what is the information they want us to gather. Why are we gathering it? Who's interpreting it? And are we interpreting it in a way that truly serves our communities? Decolonizing data is about controlling our own story, and making decisions based on what is best for our people. That hasn't been done in data before, and that's what's shifting and changing."

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Diane Husic onto Other Relevant Resources

Part-time Faculty positions at Montgomery College, MD

Montgomery College, in Maryland, is a three-campus community college serving over 50,000 students represented from more than 160 countries. If you are interested to teach Biology in a diverse community college environment, look out for part-time faculty announcements in the provided link! Job positions will be advertised about two months before the start of a semester.

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James Lang series on Teaching in Chronicle

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Original CREATE article

We revised our capstone seminar around this method. It is a good way for scaffolding a research article.

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More on writing cases

Introducing students to cases

Writing cases with some assessment examples

Favorite cases article

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NEON Data in the Classroom: Using the QUBES Platform and Faculty Mentoring Networks to Build, Adapt, and Publish Data­-Driven Teaching Resources

  • The integration of data-­centric teaching practices plays a major role in efforts to transform biology education. Working with authentic data increases student exposure to scientific practices and contributes to the development of quantitative skills.  


  • Bring large-­scale ecological data into the classroom can be challenging, where the skills required to manipulate and analyze these data sets can be a large hurdle for both educators and students.  


  • We share the outcomes from a partnership between university/college faculty, the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), and the Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education and Synthesis project (QUBES) to develop and disseminate teaching resources that use NEON data and provide training and community to faculty. 


  • The NEON FMN has been offered for three semesters with 37 faculty participating, resulted in a wide variety of new and adapted modules being publicly available.


  • We found the QUBES-FMN model to be successful in providing online professional development and creating communities of educators without geographic barriers.  Our work highlights how this model of curriculum development and faculty engagement has been successfully applied to NEON data for the classroom. 

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Kusum Naithani onto Images of NEON Data Collection

Reginald McGee - First year on the TT

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Carrie Diaz Eaton onto SMB 2019 presentations

Hwayeon Ryu - Bio-Stats learning community

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Carrie Diaz Eaton onto SMB 2019 presentations

Eberhard Voit - Spelman collaboration

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Carrie Diaz Eaton onto SMB 2019 presentations

Environmental Arts or Humanities TT position - Bates college

"We seek a scholar or scholar/practitioner in cultural studies, literature, or performing/studio arts who is attentive to hierarchies of power and privilege and can offer cross-cultural and/or transnational perspectives on environmental traditions. Fields and research approaches are open, but could include: critical race theory, ecocriticism and nature writing, ecofeminism/feminist environmentalism, energy humanities, indigenous and post-colonial/decolonial/decolonizing environmentalisms, posthumanism and animal studies, and queer ecologies. Applicants with a demonstrated record of working successfully with a diversity of students, including underrepresented and marginalized populations, are encouraged to apply."

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Carrie Diaz Eaton onto Job Postings

Update on RStudio accessibility with screen readers!

This is an email that was written by Gary Ritchie to Raymond Tremblay in response to our query about screen readers and R studio.

From: Gary Ritchie <>
Date: July 17, 2019 at 1:09:36 PM EDT
To: Hadley Wickham <>
Cc: Raymond L Tremblay Lalande <>

Hi. Yes, I am working on making the RStudio IDE accessible in the next release (1.3), and happy to talk about it.

We (RStudio) do recognize the importance of this. Unfortunately it is a retro-fit, rather than something that was baked in from the start, so it's a major undertaking. I'm happy to talk to any interested parties about progress and plans, and share early builds once they have reached a useful level of functionality.

More background:

RStudio Server is a web application, used via a web browser, thus subject to web accessibility guidelines and technologies.

RStudio Desktop is also a web application! It's essentially the same web application as RStudio Server but displayed in a desktop shell using the Chromium browser (the open-source core of Google Chrome). There are some additional accessibility challenges due to this, still being worked through, and right now I'm focused on the shared RStudio Server aspects.

I am targeting WCAG 2.1 level AA compliance, testing primarily with VoiceOver/Safari on Mac, and FireFox/NVDA on Windows. I do also conduct some tests with other combinations of screen readers and web browsers, including Chrome, JAWS, and Narrator. Naturally as part of this working towards full usability with keyboard-only, and voice-control.

In order to release RStudio 1.3 in a reasonable amount of time (very tentatively aiming for first half of 2020), I don't expect to achieve full compliance for every nook and cranny of the RStudio IDE (though I will try). Any known exceptions will be called out in our WCAG/VPAT assessment documents.

I am aware that "compliance" with things such as WCAG does not always translate to genuine "usability", and early testing and feedback from real users will be greatly appreciated.

You can see actual code-level changes as they are made in this Github project board:



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Project Biodiversify: Inclusive teaching materials and methods in biology

Project Biodiversify is a repository of teaching materials and methods

aimed at enhancing human diversity and inclusivity in biology courses.


People – including students and biologists – exhibit a diverse set of backgrounds and identities. However, most biology students are not exposed to a diversity of role models in the field of biology, and many students are taught about biology in a way that (often unintentionally) does not feel inclusive to them or their communities.

Project Biodiversify is here to help! We are an online space that promotes the humanization, diversification, and inclusivity of biology classrooms.

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PeerWise - an open question authoring tool

PeerWise is an open question authoring tool that allows students to author questions, and also to answer other students' questions. The site allows for comments and ranking and also has a badge system to encourage students to participate actively with the tool. I have utilized this tool in several courses (General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Biochemistry). Please find a powerpoint file attached with additional information. You can access the tool at 

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