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  1. Optimal Foraging in Swirl

    Optimal Foraging in Swirl

    2019-07-15 17:24:32 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s): Mary Elizabeth McWhirt, Emily Weigel | doi:10.25334/38NY-HP77

    This lesson centers around the marginal value theorem (MVT, Charnov 1976), which describes how animals should forage in patches. It serves as a pre-lab to teach MVT basics, vectors, ANOVA, and basic plotting.

  2. BAG Lab Manual Phage

    BAG Lab Manual Phage

    2019-07-10 03:23:43 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s): Lisa Scheifele | doi:10.25334/8VBB-4A95

    This is the lab manual for phage genome synthesis.

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