Staying Alive: Extinction Risk: Introduction to Extinction and Extinction Bias

By Samantha Price1, Peggy Schaeffer2, Anna Thanukos3, Samantha Swauger4

1. UC Davis 2. Dryad Digital Repository 3. University of California Museum of Paleontology 4. DryadLab

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Data used in this activity are derived from: Price, S.A., and Gittleman J.L. 2007. Hunting to extinction: biology and regional economy influence extinction risk and the impact of hunting in artiodactyls. Dryad Digital Repository.

In this data driven activity, students will be introduced to different factors that affect extinction risk and will work with an authentic data set on artiodactyls from Dryad Digital Repository to ask their own questions, develop hypotheses and use data to answer those questions. At completion of the module, students will understand that hypotheses are tested by figuring out what expectations are generated by that hypothesis, and making observations to find out whether those expectations are borne out. They will be able to examine a large data set, select the appropriate data, visualize data by making candlestick plots and look for patterns their observations in these data. The module is contains scaffolding, and can be customized to meet the needs of students of varying abilities. The module emphasizes the fact that science is an ongoing process and that investigating one scientific question frequently leads to additional questions.

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