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By Tony Weisstein1, John R Jungck2, Doug Green3

1. Truman State University 2. Interdisciplinary Science Learning Center at the University of Delaware 3. Saint Michael's College

Published on


This resource has been updated - find the current version here:

These two workbooks model the evolution of phage resistance in a bacterial population under two alternative hypotheses. Under the hypothesis of acquired immunity, mutation produces some resistant bacteria even in the absence of phage; this resistance can be passed to their offspring. Under the mutation hypothesis, by contrast, mutation produces some resistant bacteria even in the absence of phage; again, this resistance can be passed to their offspring. Predictions of the two models can be compared to each other and to actual data. 


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  • Tony Weisstein; John R Jungck; Doug Green (2015), "Luria-Delbruck,"

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Hayley Orndorf

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