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Tags: biology

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  1. Kathy Jacobson

  2. Andrea Huntoon

  3. Functional and structural analysis of Amylase activity

    23 Nov 2020 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Ishrat Rahman1, Aubrey Allen Smith1, Evdokia Kastanos2

    1. Montgomery College 2. Montgomery College/Rockville

    This exercise was developed to allow students to apply the scientific method and use their knowledge of enzymes to investigate the relationship between enzyme activity and structure. Students...

  4. Julie Micko

  5. Charlemya Erasme

    I have B.S. in Biology and recently graduated with a Masters in STEM Education.

  6. Kelly Black


  8. Vance McCracken

  9. Mary Ann Sexton

  10. May Hossam

  11. Mariam Zohbe

  12. Andrea Henle

  13. Damaris Gonzalez

  14. Faith Cross

  15. Jediah Agbossoumonde

  16. Mya Wilson

  17. Arabella Lewis

  18. Megan Barnett Schimek

  19. Simon Titen

  20. Nai-Chun Lin