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Tags: competition

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  1. SCUDEM V 2020 - SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equations Modeling

    24 Jul 2020 | Posted by Brian Winkel

    SCUDEM V 2020 - SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equations Modeling is an annual event for students.  Teams of three high school or undergraduate students with graduate student or...

  2. Competition under the Sea: Exploring the competitive interaction between native and non-native seagrasses in the Caribbean

    26 May 2019 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Demian Alexander Willette

    Loyola Marymount University

    A mini-case study that uses real-world data to explore the competitive interaction among seagrasses.

  3. Apr 20 2019

    SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equation Modeling—SCUDEM

    ANNOUNCINGSCUDEM IV 2019 at Locations in the United States and BeyondSCUDEM IV 2019 opens 1 November 2019 with Challenge Saturday on 9 November 2019. We are currently building the network...

  4. Freezer Full of Fossils v2.0

    11 Jun 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Louise Mead1, Michael James Wiser1, Noah Ribeck2, Fred Hingst3, Richard Schultz4, Richard Lenski1

    1. BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action, Michigan State University 2. University of California, Santa Barbara 3. Dewitt High School 4. St. Johns High School

    The Long Term Evolution Experiment started by Dr. Richard Lenski provides a rich dataset to help students explore concepts of fitness, replication, and adaption.

  5. Modeling contests for undergraduates

    Collections | 01 Jun 2017 | Posted by Carrie Diaz Eaton

  6. BactVsPhage

    27 Jun 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Drew LaMar

    Simulates basic models in theoretical ecology, as well as three models of bacteria/bacteriophage interactions.