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Tags: ecology

Members (1-20 of 125)

  1. Alden B Griffith

  2. Alex Capaldi

  3. Alexis Grinde

    I have taught biology at Pine Technical and Community College (PTCC), Pine City Minnesota since 2006. In the past, the science department curriculum has largely been geared toward healthcare...

  4. Alison Jane Haupt

  5. Amanda Bonilla

  6. Amanda Leigh Murray Hyde

  7. Andrew Machio Tanabe

  8. Andrew Osborne Hasley

    Dr. Hasley earned a Ph.D. in genetics from University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2016. His graduate work ranged from the use of whole genome expression to study zygotic gene activation in zebrafish,...

  9. Andrew Tyre

  10. Andy Adams

  11. Angela Dassow

  12. Ann Thijs

  13. Arietta Fleming-Davies

    Dr. Arietta Fleming-Davies has been a QUBES postdoc since February 2016.  Her primary mentor is Jeremy Wojdak at Radford University.  Arietta’s background is in population and...

  14. Bibit Halliday Traut

    I am a broadly trained biologist interested in the consequences and maintenance of biodiversity. I received my Ph.D. in Ecology from U.C. Davis and Masters degrees in Botany from Oregon State...

  15. Brad Oberle

  16. Brittany Lynn Daughenbaugh

  17. Caitlin Hicks Pries

  18. Carl Toews

  19. Charles McClaugherty

  20. Charles Zimmerman