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Tags: forest ecology

Members (1-20 of 20)

  1. Eo Hanabusa

  2. Julia Yang

  3. Kristen M Waring

  4. Bryan Yockers

  5. Albert Y. Kim

  6. Laura Marqués

  7. Alissa Brown

  8. Yingying Xie

  9. Meghan Graham MacLean

  10. Ashley B. Morris

  11. Nicholas Geron

  12. Sarah Neumann

    I am an Assistant Professor at Alma College in the Biology department. I have a PhD from Michigan State University in Forestry and in Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology. I...

  13. Stephanie Bohlman

  14. Tyson Lee Swetnam

    I work mostly in spatial data infrastructure for research computing in the life sciences as part of CyVerse.

  15. Christopher Michael Gough

  16. Ken Carloni

  17. Glenda Almodovar

  18. Paige Parry

  19. Robert Eli Loeb

    Robert Loeb is Professor of Biology and Forestry at The Pennsylvania State University, DuBois Campus, which is a primarily undergraduate campus of the University. His BS in Biology, Biology...

  20. Alison N Hale

    I received my Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in 2012 for my work on the disruption of native plant-mycorrhizal mutualisms during allelopathic plant invasion. After completing a research...