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Tags: microbiology

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  1. Sean T. Coleman

  2. Karthik Anantharaman

  3. Pascale S. Guiton

    I am an Assistant Professor at California State University East Bay. My research focuses on uncovering novel developmentally regulated genes involved in Toxoplasma differentiation and virulence. I...

  4. Stephan Koenig

  5. Nathan C Staples

  6. Eric Paul

  7. Zachary David Blount

  8. Amaya Maria Garcia Costas

  9. Steven M Caruso

  10. Nic Vega

  11. Philips Akinwole

  12. Loren Annikki Launen

  13. Andrew William Diamanduros

  14. Marie Montes

  15. Kimberly McClure

  16. Carrie Ketel Opheim

  17. Adam Marschall Jaros

  18. Introduction to Genome Annotation

    09 Jan 2020 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Selene Nikaido

    University of Central Missouri

    This exercise is an adaptation of the Annotation Lesson by Rosenwald et al. It introduces the use of bioinformatics tools to extract information from genome databases. It is a basic lesson on...

  19. Roger Greenwell

  20. Kasandra Riley (She/Her)

    Biochemist & Chair of Chemistry at a PUI