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Tags: mycology

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  1. Savanah M St. Clair Senn

  2. Christina Burns

  3. Michelle Jusino

  4. Maria Morrow

  5. Thomas Jenkinson

  6. John Howard Starnes

    Educator, Dad, Plant Pathologist Hello everyone! I am an Associate Professor of Biology at Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College (2 year state undergraduate institution,...

  7. Steven Denham

     I received a BS in microbiology and immunology from Colorado State in 2013. While there, I spent four years in William Black IV’s lab studying the gene flow of insecticide resistance...

  8. Oliver Hyman

    Courses: Organisms (BIO114), Ecology and Evolution (BIO124), Teaching in Biology (BIO492), Foundations in Biology I (BIO140), Foundations in Biology II (BIO150), Foundations I Lab: DNA...

  9. Natalie Madeleine Howe