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Tags: quantitative biology education

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  1. Analysis of QB@CC FMN in the implementation of OER Modules

    27 Jul 2021 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By John Howard Starnes1, Sondra Marie LoRe2, Vedham Karpakakunjaram3, Joseph Esquibel4, Deborah Rook5, Kristin Jenkins6

    1. Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College 2. National Institute of STEM Evaluation and Research (NISER) 3. Montgomery College 4. Lansing Community College 5. BioQUEST 6. University of Texas, Austin

    Poster about the use of QB@CC modules in a faculty mentoring network. Presented at the 2021 BIOME Institute.

  2. Faculty Mentoring Networks: A model for professional development in undergraduate quantitative biology education

    20 Dec 2017 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Melissa Aikens1, Sam S Donovan2, Arietta Fleming-Davies3, Alison N Hale2, Gabriela Hamerlinck4, Kristin Jenkins5, Jeremy M Wojdak6

    1. University of New Hampshire 2. University of Pittsburgh 3. QUBES; Radford University 4. QUBES, BioQUEST 5. BioQUEST 6. Radford University

    Presentation given at ESA 2016 on Faculty Mentoring Networks.

  3. Faculty Mentoring Networks: A Model for Promoting Teaching Scholarship in Quantitative Biology Education

    20 Dec 2017 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Sam S Donovan1, Alison N Hale1, Arietta Fleming-Davies2, Gabriela Hamerlinck3, Jeremy M Wojdak4, Kristin Jenkins5

    1. University of Pittsburgh 2. QUBES; Radford University 3. QUBES, BioQUEST 4. Radford University 5. BioQUEST

    Presentation given at NABT 2016 on Faculty Mentoring Networks and teaching scholarship in quantitative biology education.

  4. QUBES – A virtual synthesis center catalyzing change in undergraduate quantitative biology education

    19 Dec 2017 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Sam S Donovan

    University of Pittsburgh

    Presentation about QUBES given at HHMI Constellation Meeting: Advancing science students mastery of quantitative skills.

  5. Nicholas Matzke

    Please see:http://www.nickmatzke.net

  6. Chris Paradise

  7. Dmitry Kondrashov