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Tags: RStudio

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  1. Working with Datasets in R swirl

    15 May 2019 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Caitlin Hicks Pries

    Dartmouth College

    The goal of this lesson is to learn how to import datasets into R, understand variable types, make adjustments to variables, perform basic calculations, and begin data visualization. The exercise...

  2. Ted Galanthay

  3. Milane Carrington Gooden

  4. Histograms and Boxplots

    21 Jan 2019 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Suann Yang

    SUNY Geneseo

    This lesson, created for an introductory ecology course, focuses on helping novice R users to import a data file, apply base R plotting functions, and use R Markdown to generate a reproducible report.

  5. Stephen Gosnell

    Stephen is a community ecologist who uses field, lab, and quantitative approaches to understand the causes and consequences of ecological diversity and better manage natural resources. A native of...

  6. RStudio IDE Cheat Sheet

    Collections | 22 Jan 2016 | Posted by Drew LaMar

  7. Hong Qin

    My goal is to promote computing in undergraduate education and research training. I hope to help other faculty develop coding exercises in R or Python for teaching, and using computing to...

  8. RStudio IDE for R

    22 Jan 2015 |

    RStudio is a GUI for R, the statistical programming language.