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Tags: undergraduate research

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  1. Christine Swanson

  2. Timothy Comar

  3. Two-Way ANOVA

    23 Jan 2019 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Didem Ikis

    Towson University

    In this lesson, students will learn the necessary statistical terms to understand two-way ANOVA, how to visualize their data, how to perform two-way ANOVA and interpret their results, and how to...

  4. Jamie Cunningham

  5. Maggie McGraw

  6. Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS)

    Collections | 08 Nov 2018 | Posted by Alycia Crall

  7. Nievita Bueno Watts

  8. Sharon Rivera

    I am a lifelong learner with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry, going back to school for my M.A. in interdisciplinary studies focused on federal policy and how it may influence STEM student success,...

  9. Joshua Caulkins

  10. Matthew Schuster (2018) Undergraduate Research at Two-Year Community Colleges

    Collections | 21 Jun 2018 | Posted by Linda M Grisham

  11. CCURI Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative

    Collections | 21 Jun 2018 | Posted by Linda M Grisham

  12. Undergraduate Research at Lane Community College

    20 Jun 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Stacey Kiser

    Lane Community College, BioQUEST

    Session presentation on CURES at Lane Community College presented at the 2018 QUBES/BioQUEST Summer Workshop

  13. Jed Rasmussen

  14. Sarah Neumann

    I am an Assistant Professor at Alma College in the Biology department. I have a PhD from Michigan State University in Forestry and in Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology. I...

  15. Jeneva K Anderson

  16. Janelle M Burke

  17. Michael Chase

  18. Marina Holz

  19. Mentoring Undergraduate Research Projects in Mathematical Biology

    03 Jan 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Timothy Comar

    Benedictine University

    Part of the 2015 SMB Minisymposium: Topics in Biomathematics Education

  20. The Effect of Instructor Communication on Student Perceptions of Mathematics in Biology

    03 Jan 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Sam S Donovan1, Alison N Hale1, Hayley Orndorf1

    University of Pittsburgh

    Undergraduate research poster presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Pittsburgh in 2015.