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  • Created 03 Jun 2015

Here are links to Google Docs/Sheets/Forms for each of the activities in the Lab Book.  If you want to use any of these, including having students enter or display data, please copy the document to your Google Drive by selecting "Make a copy..." in the File menu.  Otherwise, data from instructors and students of different Avida-ED course implementations will conflict. If you would like you can also download the file in different formats (for example: Word, PDF).

For access to activity answer keys, after you (create and) login with your QUBES account, you may find them listed here.


Lab Book


Created by Louise Mead Last Modified Fri October 26, 2018 2:00 pm by Diane Blackwood


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    Davida Smyth

    This is wonderful and nice to see it all located in one spot! 

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