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  • Created 28 Aug 2019

Implementation plans are meant to be a guide for you through the use of your DIBS-related activities in your classrooms. Ultimately, everyone's IPs will be shared among all participants, either through Google Docs, Dropbox, or some other mechanism (TBD). The goal is that all the participants can see what others have planned, and can therefore comment, connect, and/or get ideas from others. Each participant should put together one implementation plan for each module they are doing, as they will need a final product for each as well.

Implementation Plan - basic information

Course/Course format
Quantitative learning objective
Other learning objectives
Expected dates of implementation

Questions to address in your IP:

  1. What learning objectives (content) are you planning to address in your course using the selected module materials?

  2. Briefly describe the pedagogical techniques you plan to use to facilitate the module and reinforce the learning objectives you identified above.

  3. Are you planning on making any adaptations to the materials? If yes, please describe them here. If no, please indicate why.

  4. Do you think you will need to incorporate any supplemental materials with this module? If yes, please either describe what you are planning or include any materials you have already found.

  5. What assessments are you planning on using to measure student progress? If possible, describe, attach, or provide a link here.

  6. Please provide any additional notes here (i.e. a to-do list of items that you need to accomplish before your implementation)

Reflection Questions for after your implementation

  1. Overall, how did your implementation go?

  2. What feedback (positive or negative), if any, did you get from your students about this experience?

  3. Do you plan on continuing to use this module in your future courses?

  4. What would you do differently if you were to implement this module again?