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Updating Content

You should now see the draft adaptation of your resource. There are tabs above the resource details. Click the first tab, Content. 

screenshot of a draft adaptation of Answer Checking. The tabs of the submission process are visible above the information panels. The first tab, Content has a blue box around it.

Note that in your draft resource, there are files pre-populated in the Content list. The QUBES resource system carries over all content and descriptive information from the original resource. The system makes no assumptions about what you have changed, in fact immediately after adapting, the system would allow you to submit without changing a thing! It is up to you to analyze and update the content. 

Best Practices on Updating Content

  1. Remove original content that will be replaced with your modified content.
  2. Remove original content that is not relevant to your adaptation.
  3. Add your modified content.
  4. Add new content relevant to your adaptation.

Update your content

Based on your analysis of changes made and relevance to the adaptation, update the content list of your adaptation.

  1. Open your draft resource and click the "Content" tab
    1. You should see the draft adaptation of your resource from the last step. 
    2. If you need to return to this step, your draft resource can be found in the publications list of your project. Publication is the last item on the project's far-left blue menu.
  2. To Remove a file: Hover to the right of the file name and click the trash can icon in the upper right.
    1. **For most of the modules this time, there may not be any files to remove.
  3. To Add content: Click the "Add a File" or "Add a Link"
    1. Remember that since you are organized, your Content files have already been uploaded to the project repository and you can easily bring them in now
    2. Rename content: Hover to the right of the content name and click the pencil icon.
  4. Rename the External link to include '(Original module)' after the existing title. 
  5. Click "Next"

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