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Open Education and the OER Life Cycle

Game Changer: Open Education is Changing the Rules

In this module you will explore how to adhere to OER best practices. Some of the tasks may seem overly technical and detailed, but understanding and following these best practices are critical in ensuring others can benefit from our work. How you submit an adapted resource matters to you, your students, and the entire QUBES community. Take a moment to reflect on the power and promise of OER for students, instructors, and learners everywhere by watching "Game Changer: Open Education is Changing the Rules" produced by ISKME

Open Educational Resource Life Cycle

Did you know that Open Educational Resources have a life cycle? You have probably experienced Finding, Adapting, and Using resources, but may struggle to complete Refinement and Sharing. QUBES Faculty Mentoring Networks aim to support instructors through the entire OER life cycle. This module hones in on "Share." While the technical components will be specific to the QUBES resource system, the concepts and best practices apply to sharing on any open platform. 

OER Lifecycle with the steps Find: find resources, Adapt: adapt the resource to suit your classroom, Use: use these resources and assess student learning, Refine: refine the resource after implementation, Share: share your version of the resource on an open platform,

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