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Symbulation: An Agent-based Model of Evolving Symbionts

Symbulation is an agent-based model of endosymbionts that can evolve between parasitism and mutualism. It provides a web GUI so students can change environmental settings and watch evolution occur.

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PARA-SITE: An interactive multimedia electronic resource dedicated to parasitology

Website hosted by The University of Queensland developed by the Australian Society of Parasitology, Inc. 

This website has useful background information on parasitology and individual parasites, their life cycles, host use, mode of transmission and clinical consequences. 

This would be a great resource for a medical parasitology course, or medical part of a general parasitology survey course. I could even see the descriptive information being useful in a general bio course for a definition of parasitism. The website also includes a nice section on fields of study within parasitology showing where it can overlap with courses in other disciplines. 

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Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Parasitology Resources

This homepage leads to other links for medically important parasitic infections as well as information on diagnostic  procedures. Under the case studies page you can find images and associated information with actual patient information from parasite infection reports. These have been useful in my teaching as mini-case studies on diagnosis. 

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