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  • Created 18 Nov 2022

This is a list of the requirements of this Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN). You must complete each of these items in order to receive the certificate of completion. Detailed instructions for sharing final products will be distributed during the course of the FMN. An overview of the expectations has been shared below.

  1. Be an active participant of the network
  2. Pilot at least two Box of Lessons activities during Jan-May 2023
  3. Develop questions to assess the impact of using the Box of Lessons materials.

Be an active participant of the network

To accomplish this goal, you must:

  • Attend and participate in all of the meetings for the entirety of the FMN
  • Post responses to assignment prompts in the forum
  • Be willing to take notes and/or facilitate discussion topics in the meetings

Pilot at least two Box of Lessons activities during Jan-May 2023

To accomplish this goal, for each activity that you select, you must:

  • Review the activity associated learning materials with your students in a manner that suits your course format
  • Pilot the activity in class and post a reflection of your experience in the forum.
  • Review the activity answer key and make sure that it is clearly worded, accessible, and complete
  • Complete a survey to provide feedback regarding the activity that you piloted by
    • gathering anonymous feedback on the activities from your students
    • making suggestions for improvement in the BOL materials (where appropriate)
  • Share any modifications that you had to make to the activity to meet your curricular needs.

If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask one of your group leaders and/or discuss your concern with other group members during a meeting or on the forum.

Develop questions to assess the impact of using the Box of Lessons on student learning

The FMN group will be exploring concept inventories to identify suitable questions for assessing the impact of the BOL materials on student learning. We ask you to contribute to this process and help write these assessment questions. FMN participants who are not familiar with concept inventories are encouraged learn through the conversations and resources shared and participate in this process.

Optional: FMN participants are welcome to share similar lessons that they may have written to the BOL collection for sharing with educators world-wide. Please contact the mentors to discuss this further.

We understand that scheduling meetings for a group of very busy faculty participants is difficult. If you have an unexpected conflict and are unable to attend a meeting, please let your group leaders know in advance.