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Commonly asked questions about how to use and do things on the QUBES Hub in Learning Community spaces Creating a Collection: https://qubeshub.org/kb/collections/creatingcollections

Posting to a Collection: https://qubeshub.org/kb/collections/makingposts

How to Post to a Forum: https://qubeshub.org/kb/forums/how-to-post-to-a-forum

Changing email settings in a Forum: https://qubeshub.org/kb/forums/how-to-change-email-settings-in-a-forum

Changing notification settings (from messages): https://qubeshub.org/kb/misc/how-do-i-change-my-notification-settings

Can’t find the help you need in these locations? You can either search the QUBES Knowledge Base or email Deb Rook.

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