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2016 National Academies Special Topics Summer Institute on Quantitative Biology

“Lowering the Activation Energy: Making Quantitative Biology More Accessible"

June 19-24, 2016
North Carolina State University, Raleigh



Biology requires a rapidly expanding set of quantitative skills including data analysis, statistics, modeling, computational reasoning, and visualization.  If you are interested in developing your biology students' quantitative skills, this is the summer workshop for you!  

Modeled on the National Academies Summer Institutes, the Quantitative Biology Summer Institute (QB SI) is presented by BioQUEST, Science Case Net and QUBES.  This will be a working meeting during which participants will learn about and use evidence-based teaching strategies such as backward design, active learning, and assessment, as well as methods such as cases and modeling.  Hands on sessions at the institute will focus on resources and methods to address the special challenges associated with teaching quantitative biology.  The workshop is developed by BioQUEST, which celebrates 30 years of leadership in biology education reform in 2016, and Science Case Network, which brings expertise on using case based pedagogies. The QUBES project will support ongoing collaborations among participants.

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Table of 2016 SI Project Groups

This table has links to the public materials from the various projects that we kicked off during the meeting. If you participated in the summer institute you can access the working materials here

Keynote Speaker 

Carlos Castillo-Chavez

Arizona State University

NSF Press Release: Math for the real world - Student-driven research program applies math to thorny social and biological problems.

Carlos Castillo-Chavez talks about his love of mathematics and how the National Medal of Science honors scientists with multi-dimensional achievements.

Organizing Committee:
Kristin Jenkins, BioQUEST
Pat Marsteller, Science Case Net
Sam Donovan, QUBES






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