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  • Created 14 Oct 2015
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Dear Summer Institute Participant, 

This is our second follow-up email post workshop. We have a lot to share. The most important stuff is up front and then it moves into FYI territory. 

Remember - if you want to review these follow-up messages they are stored in the announcements section of the Summer Institute Web Pages.

Working Group Related News:

  • The “Assignments” page of your group has been updated - We would really like to see what you are planning to work on reflected in your action plan by next Monday July 18th. Please be in touch with your group facilitator or QUBES Liaison is you have questions. 
  • Access to action plans should be sorted out for everyone now. You can see the action plans from the List of Working Groups. Ask for help if you need it. 

QUBES Related Information and Opportunities:

  • If you are interested in sharing information about how you teach with models or piloting an instrument that looks at students understanding of models please contact Bob Mayes by August 1 - you can read more here
  • Molly Phillips wrote a nice blog post about her participation in the Summer Institute. The QUBES Blog points to it. 
  • Applications for the “Math Attitudes and Anxiety” faculty mentoring network are open until the end of the week. 

Other Interesting Opportunities: 

That is it for now. I hope that your group is beginning to gel. We will be back in touch. 



Dear Summer Institute Participant,

We hope that you have landed on your feet after the meeting and that you are set up to enjoy the rest of your summer. We were thrilled with everyone’s willingness to jump in and work during the meeting and we are excited about all the great ideas that were shared.

This is a quick email to share some important links and information. We will be back in touch from time to time over the rest of the summer and fall. You should always feel free to be in touch with us too.

QUBESHub Passwords
Many of us had difficulty logging into the QUBESHub because our passwords were not working. We found the bug and it is fixed. If your password is not working simply click the “forgot password” link and reset it (you can even reuse the one you had before if you want to). It should be smooth sailing after that. Sorry about the confusion.

Your Working Groups
We have an exciting collection of 16 Working Groups that you have formed and will work with over the Fall Semester. We have created a page that lists them all so that you can keep tabs on everything that interests you. Each group has a private work space but you can always request access if you want to join another group. Over the next six months we will be sharing updates from each group and eventually everyone will be sharing brief reports on what they accomplished and resources that they have generated. While tackling these ambitious projects will require some of your time and effort, remember that this is your contribution to a collective effort that will be multiplied many times over. If our groups succeed in producing effective teaching materials, you will have 16 new approaches to draw from for your own classes!

Things to note:

  • Each group has a facilitator(s) and a QUBES liaison. These are the people to reach out to if you need some help.

  • We will be adding some detail to the “Schedule” page of your group - most importantly, we would like everyone to draft their initial Action Plan by Monday, July 11th.

Resources Available from the SI Website
The SI website is chock full of information from the meeting. Access to some of the materials is restricted so you should log into your QUBESHub account if something appears to be locked.  A few highlights include:

If you have additional resources to share please feel free to post them or email them to and we will add them.


Other Announcements

  • Research Survey - you should have received an email about the post meeting research survey. We really appreciate your participation in this effort to design and implement effective faculty development programs.

  • The Quantitative Biology Modeling Research (QBMR) team invites you to collaborate in a research project looking at the current state of modeling in undergraduate biology courses. Description linked here. Bob mentioned this project during his talk. Contact Robert Mayes or Joe Dauer for more information.

Thanks for filling out the “using data” survey for the DryadLab Incubator Group: DIG Data for the Classroom. You can see a summary of the data here.

Ready? Set? Let’s go!  The Summer Institute site is ready for you to dive in!

Join a forum discussion!  We have posted four discussions around quantitative biology education for you to participate in. Choose from “Does Math Hurt?,” “Students, Stats, and P-values,” “Quantitative Skills for Introductory Biology,” “Providing Students with the Tools to Work with Big Data.”  This is an opportunity for you get to know your colleagues and start discussing the issues we will be working on at the Summer Institute.  

You can find the forums here

Here’s a link to information on how to make a post in a forum:

Two cautionary notes:
We’ve had some trouble with the email notification digest settings.  Please check your settings again and be sure you have a daily digest.  Otherwise you will receive an update every time anyone adds a post.  

This is what notification emails look like.  DON’T respond using this box (even though it says you can). 

Instead, follow this link to the forums on QUBES.  Dive in and have fun!