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Do you know what QUBES did last summer?

Evolution_QUBES.jpg This summer QUBES representatives could be found at a number of meetings, offering workshops, presentations, and our fantastic pens and stickers!  Gaby Hamerlinck and Kristin Jenkins were at the Evolution 2017 meeting in Portland OR, June 23-27.  This meeting is co-sponsored by the Society for the Study of Evolution, the Society of Systematic Biologists, and the American Society of Naturalists.  QUBES had a presence at the Professional Development for Undergraduate Educators workshop sponsored by the joint Education Committee.  The shared resources from this workshop are available in the site’s Collections.  At the workshop, speakers touched on how to teach quantitative biology better through modeling and provided practical suggestions and resources for helping students with these challenges.  QUBES also shared information about upcoming Faculty Mentoring Networks (FMNs) at the poster session.  Information about upcoming FMNs is always available on the front page of the QUBESHub, and in the newsletter (sign up here to receive the newsletter).

Gaby returned to Portland in August for the Ecological Society of America meeting, along with Sam Donovan, Arietta Fleming-Davies, and Jeremy Wojdak.  QUBES was also well represented at the Data in the Classroom symposium which brought together speakers to present on and discuss how we use real ecological data in our teaching. QUBES partner projects Data Nuggets and the Bioliteracy in Undergraduate Education also presented on how to use these resources in your classroom.  At this meeting QUBES staff presented a poster on recent research on the benefits of participating in FMNs, and attended the Wicked Problems session.  Wicked Problems is the theme of the 2018 QUBES/BioQUEST Summer Workshop. You can subscribe for updates on this event.  

This fall, look for QUBES at the Life Discovery Conference, Oct 19-21 at the University of Oklahoma.  QUBES partners, including Data Nuggets, BLUE (Biodiversity Literacy in Undergraduate Education), and HHMI’s Biointeractive, will be sharing exciting ideas and resources for infusing quantitative biology in your classroom.  QUBES’ own Gaby Hamerlinck and Kristin Jenkins will offer a session specifically addressing this issue.  QUBES is sponsoring an invited symposium at the Biomath Ecology Education Research (BEER) conference October 6-8, in Normal, Illinois. The  “Let’s Do It Discreetly” symposium will be an introduction to discrete models in the life sciences. Look for QUBES at the National Association of Biology Teachers conference in St. Louis, MO November 9-12. QUBES will be represented at NABT by Drew LaMar, Sam Donovan, Hayley Orndorf, Kristin Jenkins and of course, Gaby Hamerlinck.  Find any of the QUBES staff to get your pens, stickers and other QUBES paraphernalia!

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