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QUBES Partner SUMMIT-P Webinar

SUMMIT-P: A National Consortium for Synergistic Undergraduate Mathematics via Multi-institutional Interdisciplinary Teaching Partnerships is an IUSE Math funded collaboration of 10 institutions and a project management team to revise their foundation mathematics courses with partner disciplines and in line with the work and recommendations of the Curriculum Foundations project . 

SUMMIT-P is excited to announce that we have arranged with MAA to offer a Webinar series for mathematics departments who are interested in how they might implement strategies for collaborating with the partner disciplines to improving mathematics instruction.

The first Webinar will be lead by Susan Ganter and Victor Piercey, will take place Tuesday May 15, 2:00-3:30, and will focus on the SUMMIT-P work from Lee University. If you have colleagues at other colleges and universities that would like to consider this type of work, please share this announcement and encourage them to register. Even if they cannot make it, we hope to send a recording to all registered participants.

Details about the SUMMIT-P Webinar and the link to register are available on: 


About QUBES Partnerships:

SUMMIT-P is not a QUBES project, but is a QUBES Partner. They use the QUBES Virtual Center cyberinfrastructure to conduct some of their project management and QUBES co-PI, Dr. Diaz Eaton is also a subaward PI of SUMMIT-P. To find out more about how QUBES can help your STEM Education project, contact us.

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