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Latest Entries

  1. What's better than beer? BEER!

    From October 9-11, QUBES team members attended BEER - an international symposium on Biomathematics and Ecology Education and Research. This unique conference brings together biologists and mathematicians with the goal of fostering collaboration between the two fields. This year’s conference...

  2. A great model to follow....

    Here at QUBES we are trying to build a community of users that are excited to contribute and add their expertise, working together to solve the big problems we all face in quantitative biology education.  Perhaps the best model one could hope to emulate (at least in some ways) is the...

  3. Making instructor/student handouts in R

    There was an excellent post on about using R and knitr to make handouts/lab assignments/documents integrating R code, R output, and narrative text.  Click that link to learn how to control what gets shown to whom.  Besides being useful in this context, using R...

  4. SUPPORT: Blogging about blogs (Part 1)

    Now that the QUBES blog is up and running, I figured it was a great time to get a little meta and have an "all about blogs" blog post. Question:  What types of blogs are available, and where are they located? There are three types of blogs on QUBES: QUBES blog Group...

  5. Hello World!

    Image credit - oskay CC Welcome to the QUBES Blog. We will use this blog to share project updates, opportunities, and highlights. We will also share materials that we hope are of general interest to the community.  Thanks for joining us! _______________________ This is the QUBES...