Exploring distances with IONTW

By Winfried Just1, Hannah Lea Callender2, Drew LaMar3

1. Department of Mathematics, Ohio University 2. University of Portland 3. College of William and Mary

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Section 1 is purely conceptual and invites readers to critically evaluate popular claims based on Stanley Milgram's famous experiment that gave birth to the phrases small-world property and six degrees of separation. In Section 2 we use IONTW to explore distances between nodes in several types of networks. We also propose a definition of the small-world property that is suitable for classes of disconnected graphs.

Level: Undergraduate students of biology or mathematics for Section 1; advanced undergraduate and graduate students of mathematics for Section 2.
Requires: Section 2 references some material from Module Exploring Erdős-Rényi random graphs with IONTW and Module Exploring random regular graphs with IONTW.


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