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A modular system for evolutionary analysis

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Version 3.03 - published on 19 Jun 2015

This tool is closed source.

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Mesquite is modular, extendible software for evolutionary biology, designed to help biologists organize and analyze comparative data about organisms. Its emphasis is on phylogenetic analysis, but some of its modules concern population genetics, while others do non-phylogenetic multivariate analysis. Because it is modular, the analyses available depend on the modules installed.

Mesquite also has many features for managing and processing data, including processing of chromatograms, sequence alignment, editing of morphometric data, and others.

More examples of Mesquite's features can be found in What Mesquite Does. There is also an outline of Mesquite's features. Additional packages can be installed to extend Mesquite's capabilities to interacting with RAxML and other tree-inference programs, processing chromatograms and making base calls, tree set visualization, and so on.

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  • Maddison, W. P. and D. R. Maddison. 2015. Mesquite: a modular system for evolutionary analysis.  Version 3.03

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Drew LaMar

College of William and Mary