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Tags: computation

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  1. Assoc/Full Prof opportunity at Bates

    08 Nov 2019 | Posted by Carrie Diaz Eaton

    Dear QUBES Community: For folks of a computational nature, there's a tenured opening in my Digital and Computational Studies [DCS] program with endowed chairship eligibility. We are looking...

  2. Project MOSAIC

    20 Oct 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Daniel Kaplan1, Karl-Dieter Crisman2, Nicholas Horton3, Eric Marland4, Randall Pruim5

    1. Macalester College 2. Gordon College 3. Amherst College 4. Appalachian State University 5. Calvin College

    Our goal: Provide a broader approach to quantitative studies that provides better support for work in science and technology.

  3. May 28 2015

    Undergraduate Bioinformatics Information Conference

    Russell Schwartz from Carnegie Mellon University and the International Society for Computational Biology Education Committee is the keynote speaker. Students can attend and present their work....

  4. Tony Sena

    - M.S., COMPUTER SCIENCE (Distributed and Parallel Computing), from Northeastern University, Boston, MA- M.S., EARTH SCIENCE (Parallel Computing applied to Geophysics), from Massachusetts Institute...

  5. QtOctave

    19 Feb 2015 |

    QtOctave is an open source GUI front-end application for GNU Octave.

  6. Project MOSAIC

    23 Jan 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Daniel Kaplan, Karl-Dieter Crisman, Nicholas Horton, Eric Marland, Randall Pruim

    This resource has been updated - find the current version here: the project website: Project MOSAIC is a community of educators working to develop a new way to introduce mathematics, statistics, computation and modeling...