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Tags: education

Members (1-20 of 33)

  1. Roger Greenwell

  2. Douglas Smith II

  3. Kathryn Weglarz

  4. Ana Elisa Garcia Vedrenne

  5. Christine Swanson

  6. Heslley Machado Silva

    Heslley Machado Silva was coordinator of the Project Biology teachers’ conceptions of three LatinAmerican countries about human’s place in nature and the human mind, University Center ofFormiga/MG,...

  7. Martin Samuels

  8. Mark Sarvary

  9. Diana Dalbotten

    Diana Dalbotten is the Director of Diversity and Broader Impacts for the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, a hydrology laboratory at the University of Minnesota. In that capacity, she runs programs to...

  10. Melissa Zwick

  11. Annette Laursen Brickley

    Currently, Annette works as a Science Education Consultant for two federal grant-funded research projects at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and has recently completed work as a Professional...

  12. Ken Saville

  13. Admit Card

    Hey there this is Andrews. I like this qubes community I'm here to gain knowledge from the community. and also I'm avid web designer I play coding etc

  14. Wilson Leung

  15. Trish Hartzell

  16. David William Jacobson

  17. Susan Lynn Forrest

  18. Susan Hester

  19. Héloïse Dufour

    Héloïse is focusing on how to foster scientific literacy in our societies. She holds a PhD in neuroscience and is the head of the Cercle FSER, a non profit organization developing ways...

  20. Jean-François Carod