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  1. Elizabeth Carlson

  2. Sara Gandy

  3. Carlos Arregui

  4. Joseph Eason

    I am a mathematical biologist am interested in spatial ecology. I have done research bu writing mathematical models of ant territoriality investigating information use and decision making by ant...

  5. Katie Bjornen

    I'm a biologist teaching at the University of Montana Western. My interests include avian behavioral ecology, population genetics, and community ecology. I am passionate about encouraging...

  6. Eric Dyreson

  7. Robert Newman

  8. Shawn Paul Serbin

  9. Sydne Record

  10. Ehren Whigham

  11. Rebecca Gasper

  12. Alden B Griffith

  13. Kate S Boersma

  14. Anna M Tucker


  16. Nathan Gibson

  17. Nick Galt

  18. Anne Gallagher

  19. Dawn A. Tamarkin

  20. Jan Minton