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SCORE opportunity for much needed justice discussions

The following is a copy of a forum post from last week - recorded here (link), but moved to the blog to increase visibility.

Good afternoon colleagues and friends,

The SCORE-UBE network has asked us to consider work with each other to improve our sustainability and envision a future goal of equity in STEM education. I challenge each of you to think about how your organizations are now operating in response to nationwide protests in support of Black lives. Are you sharing educational resources with your community about race and racism? Are you offering professional development? Have you been doing this all along? If not, do you need help cultivating the awareness and knowledge within your organization?

I am pleased to announce that SCORE Network will be offering a peer mentoring support network this summer to discuss and unpack what discussions on race and racism, equity, and social justice mean for our OER-related organizations. We will meet weekly, and work through a variety of readings to build common language and connect ideas to OER and undergraduate STEM education. Stay tuned for details within the next couple of weeks. We are currently working on a timeline and a meeting time. 

In this time, we are doing the best we can to support our community. We also encourage you to share resources with the broader SCORE network as well. Feel free to reply to this post or contact us. 



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  2. Equity
  3. justice
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