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  • Created 27 Oct 2022

This is a list of the requirements of this Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN). You must complete each of these items in order to receive a letter of completion and a $200 stipend. Detailed instructions for sharing final products will be distributed in the second half of the FMN, but an overview of the expectations is below.

  1. Be an active participant for the entirety of the network
  2. Create a BioGraphI module for one of your classes this semester
  3. Share your final products to the QUBES Hub

Be an active participant for the entirety of the network

To accomplish this goal, you must:

  • Attend all of our online group meetings
  • Engage in the discussion forum by posting your responses to prompts in the forum and reply to responses by other FMN participants
  • Be a participant facilitator for an online group meeting
  • Be a notetaker or backup notetaker for an online group meeting
  • Abide by our community guidelines to the best of your ability

Create a BioGraphI module for one of your classes this semester

A BioGraphI lesson module asks students to interpret a graph or graphs from research conducted by a counterstereotypical scientist (who you will invite to be your lesson coauthor), followed by viewing and reflecting on an interview you have recorded with that scientist. We're excited to see the BioGraphI module that you will create! Ideally, you'll pilot your BioGraphI module in one of your classes, to include notes about your implementation as part of your module's accompanying Lesson Guide. You may even have time to implement a module created by one of your fellow FMN participants or from a past FMN. If you have a question about this, please don't hesitate to ask one of your group leaders.

Share your final products to the QUBES Hub

We ask that you share your teaching materials (teacher notes, curriculum materials, assessments, etc.) on the QUBES Hub site. We may also ask that you share your instructor story with the community. More detailed instructions on this process will be posted in later in the semester.

We understand that scheduling meetings for a group of very busy faculty participants is difficult. If you have an unexpected conflict and are unable to attend a meeting, please let your group leaders know in advance.