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  • Created 15 Nov 2021

ImmunoReach/BioQUEST Faculty Mentoring Network - Spring 2022

Bridging immunology with other disciplines

Applications Due: January 3rd, 2022

Are you interested in creating and/or customizing evidence-based teaching resources, and meaningful assessments that address interdisciplinary immunology-focused learning outcomes? Non-immunologists and immunologists, experts, and novices are encouraged to apply. 

The ImmunoReach incubator network is joining forces with BioQUEST/QUBES to work with faculty who are interested in customizing and implementing selected modules from a wide range of learning outcomes aligned with the core concepts described in "Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education: A Call to Action" (AAAS, 2011). Our group led a community-wide project to identify key concepts in immunology. In the process of aligning them with the core concepts listed in the "Vision and Change" report, several interdisciplinary learning outcomes were identified. The learning outcomes included in these modules are at the intersection of immunology with other disciplines. Participants will work to create or customize, and propose an assessment and an implementation plan for these teaching resources. While doing this, they will participate in biweekly virtual sessions to coordinate, collaborate with, support others in the network, and receive mentoring. The resulting modules will be published on the QUBESHUB website and receive a DOI. 

Applicants can be tenured, tenure-track, non-tenure-track, or adjunct faculty. Postdocs, graduate trainees who are teaching, and undergraduate trainees in life science education majors are also encouraged to apply. The shared goal of this network is to improve interdisciplinary conceptual knowledge and bridge immunology with other disciplines. Participants must commit to being an active participant for the entirety of the network, which means :

  • Customize or create a teaching resource by June 2022
  • Meet 1 to 2 hours per month online with mentors and other participants
  • Work independently on module customization or creation outside of meetings
  • Review and give feedback on other participants' modules in a substantial and timely manner
  • Propose a plan to assess (summative and formative) the learning outcomes
  • Propose a plan to implement the module in your classes
  • Share your final products on the QUBES hub.

Benefits of Participation:

**Access to teaching modules

**Online support throughout the process of creating/customizing and implementing new materials in your course. Access to peer mentors on lecture/classroom/lab.

***Share effective tips and strategies in small group virtual meetings every two weeks

****A completion letter that recognizes you as a 2022 ImmunoReach Education Scholar upon completion of all network requirements 

*****A $200 stipend upon completion of all network requirements

Dates & Location:

The virtual kick-off will be held in January 2022 last week, and the FMN will continue from February-June 2022. The FMN will continue online to support the customization and implementation of activities in your course during and after the 2022 spring semester. Participants will meet online regularly (about every two to three weeks) to support the development and implementation of the teaching resources. 

More Information and Questions:

Please feel free to contact Sumali Pandey ( and Rebekah Taylor ( and Louis Justement (

How to Apply:

Applications are due by January 3rd, 2022. Accepted applicants will be notified by January 10. Space is limited, only 10 participants will be selected. Please submit your application here