General Access

We strive to make the Summer Workshop group on QUBES as open as possible. The schedule, session information, presenter bios, posters, and conference resources are all open to anyone visiting the site. 

There are also public spaces on QUBES where you can engage in discussions and resource sharing. Most forum discussions and collections of interesting and relevant resources are public. There are a few discussions and collections locked because they are either only relevant to people attending, or contain working drafts from participants. 

As the conference draws nearer, more resources will be added, specifically session materials and keynote presentations. Feel free to browse the site using the side menu navigation.

Group Membership

Group membership on QUBES is used for conference management purposes. We ensure that people physically attending are in the group and receiving relevant deadline information and travel updates. 

Group membership also allows access to projects, which are private work spaces accessible only to subsets of group members. We reserve these spaces for workshop participants to collaborate during and after the conference. It is important to us that we offer these private spaces where people feel comfortable to work and share draft ideas and materials before they are ready for wider dissemination.