We would love for you to use your social media presence to spread the world about our love for quant bio and the great community here at the summer workshop. For those that cannot make it to our workshop, follow our tag as a “conference backchannel” where you can interact with participants and see what cool things are going on!

If you take pictures during the workshop, please upload them to our shared Google photo albums. The daily photo albums are coming soon!

Presenter opt-out policy: Because we operate with a philosophy toward open education and open science, our default is to share ideas and insights freely with the wider community via social media.  However, if you are presenting unpublished work or do not want your image to be used, please specify this in a slide at the beginning of your presentation.

Attendees: When using social media with reference to the Summer Workshop, the hashtag is . If referencing BioQUEST on Twitter, tag @BioQUESTed. If referencing QUBES on Twitter, use @QUBESHub.  Also consider hashtagging relevant keywords in posts such as #modeling #STEMed.

For those that are new to social media, but want to join in: keep posts short (less than 140 characters), hashtag and @ posts appropriately, keep mindful of opt-out policies, and share lots of pictures and insights!  If you need any help getting started, talk to Carrie or one of our Future Faculty social media gurus.

To keep apprised of community happenings after the conference, follow QUBES (https://www.facebook.com/qubeshub/) and BioQUEST (https://www.facebook.com/BioQUESTed) on Facebook, join the BioQUEST group on Facebook, follow QUBES (@qubeshub) and BioQUEST (@BioQUESTed) on Twitter, and opt-in to the QUBES Newsletter on www.qubeshub.org!