Job Postings

Have a job  opening?  Post it here!  Know someone looking for a position?  Share these with them!

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Group Reports on Problem Posing

Please post your group reports on problem posing here.

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Individual Reports for Problem Posing

Please post your individual ideas that incorporate problem posing here.

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NEW! BioSkills guide

Alexa Clemmons, a postdoc at University of Washington with Alison Crowe, created the BioSkills Guide. Through several rounds of validation, it takes the Vision and Change Core Competencies and associates Course-Level Learning Outcomes with each.

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Information on various types of eNotebooks and uses of eNotebooks.  

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Tuesday Problem Posing Activity

Templates, activities, materials, and products for Tuesday Problem Posing Sessions

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Land Acknowledgement Resources

This is a collection of sites with information about land acknowledgements and the American Indian Resource Center at William & Mary. These connections and resources guided our development of a land acknowledgement. Please feel free to add resources.

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UDL: Universal Design for Learning and Accessibility

Collection of resources around best practices in UDL and teaching accessibly

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