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  • Created 06 Jan 2021

The schedule will be updated as session dates and times are confirmed. 

Summer Session

The summer session extends over three weeks beginning July 19 and concluding August 6. Each week will include a keynote presentation early in the week and a discussion group meeting in the second half of the week. 

Week of July 19-23

  • Keynote Presentation, Brian Donovan (1 hour)
  • Discussion Bunch Meeting (1 hour)
    • What is a discussion bunch? Participants will be placed in small, facilitated discussion groups, which will meet each week during the summer session to discuss the keynotes and other ideas and events at the BIOME. Discussion groups will determine their own meeting time to accommodate group members' schedules. 

Week of July 26-30

  • Keynote Presentation, Erica Kimmerling (1 hour)
  • Discussion Group Meeting (1 hour)
  • Interactive Workshops (3 hours)
    • What is an interactive workshop? Workshops will be 90-minute interactive, hands-on sessions with pre-workshop assignments. While it will be most beneficial to attend synchronously, materials and recordings will be made available to all participants to review asynchronously. Participants can attend as many workshops as their schedule allows, we suggest attending at least two. 
  • Posters & Beyond (3 hours)
    • What does Posters & Beyond mean? Poster materials will be published as open educational resources on QUBES. Participants will review and discuss posters asynchronously throughout the summer session. Poster presenters will attend specific community hours for synchronous discussions. 
  • Community Hours (2 hours)
    • What are community hours? Community hours will be offered frequently throughout workshop week. They will include both structured and flexible networking opportunities including Work-in-Progress sessions, synchronous aspects of Posters & Beyond, additional keynote and workshop discussions, breakout rooms for topics of interest, and other facilitated activities. Staff will also be available to answer questions during all community hours. There will be at least two community hours each day. 

Week of August 2-6

BIOME Institute summer session schedule. July 19-23 includes a keynote presentation and discussion group meeting with a total time commitment of two hours. July 26-30, workshop week includes a keynote presentation, discussion group meeting, workshops, poster sessions, and community hours , a total time commitment of 10 hours. August 2-6 includes a keynote presentation and discussion group meeting with a total time commitment of two hours.

Fall Working Groups

The fall working groups provide an opportunity to engage with like-minded colleagues and work through the challenges of implementing new ideas in the classroom based on participants’ interests. Working groups will meet every other week from September 6 through November 19.