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BioQUEST is a transformative, collaborative community empowering educators to drive innovation in Life Science education and has been offering professional development on the cutting edge of educational reform for over 30 years. BioQUEST supports an interdisciplinary community of science and math educators who work to develop and share effective pedagogical approaches to support all students.  The “3 Ps” philosophy of problem posing, problem solving and peer persuasion, has guided the BioQUEST community’s efforts to provide relevant, inclusive educational experiences.  Over the years, BioQUEST has offered many projects designed to explore the frontiers of biology education, supporting faculty in an ever-changing landscape of content knowledge, tools, and resources. BioQUEST is a 501c3 organization.

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QUBES arises from the BioQUEST tradition and provides a virtual center for an interdisciplinary community of educators to continue to work to improve student outcomes in quantitative biology education.  An NSF funded project (NSF DBI 1346584, DUE 1446269, DUE 1446258, and DUE 1446284), QUBES brings together networks of practitioners, researchers, and developers to contribute to efforts around improving biology education.  The QUBESHub provides a central location for resources and communication, as well as the capacity to run various software tools.  QUBES collaborates with quantitative biology projects to disseminate their work and provide professional development around the use of effective pedagogies and vetted resources.  QUBES also promotes consideration and development of inclusive and equitable practices, such as Universal Design for Learning in the classroom and diversifying participation in science.

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Both BioQUEST and QUBES espouse Open Education approaches as part of our commitment to equity and inclusion. BioQUEST makes past project resources available at and uses OER in workshops around the world. QUBES supports Open Educational Resources (OER) through a publication system designed to support sharing of adaptations and new resources. Both BioQUEST and QUBES promote scholarly engagement with Open Education Practices (OEP) by promoting sharing of resources by community members through professional development experiences such as this workshop. During the BIOME Institute, we will be engaging in OER and promoting OEP in the Institute and as a way for faculty to promote success for all students.