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  • Created 03 Dec 2014

When you Wish upon a star

This post is about the Wish List functionality of the Hub.  There are two types of Wish Lists:  the site-wide Wish List (go to Support -> Wish List, or click the question mark icon and choose Wish List - see left picture below) and a Group Wish List (located in the left panel in a Group - see right picture below).

Group Wish ListGroup Wish List Site Wish ListSite Wish List

Here's a picture of what you should see when you go the the site wish list (via the image above on the right).

Full Site Wish ListFull Site Wish List

When you click on a  particular wish, you get a detailed view and description.

Detailed Wish ViewDetailed Wish View

For the site wish list, administrators can change the status to Accepted, Rejected, or Granted.  This functionality is available for the Group Wish List.  This is what the detailed view of a wish in a group looks like:

Detailed Group Wish ViewDetailed Group Wish View

If you click on "Change Status", you get the following:

Change Wish StatusChange Wish Status

In the detailed group wish view above, there are two other fields:  Importance and Effort.  This is also available on the main site wish list as an administrator.  We as a team should use this to communicate with HubZero which site-wide wishes are the most important development items we would like implemented.  For a Group, this functionality almost behaves like a to-do list.  See that "overdue" box in the "Change Wish Status" image?  If you scroll to the bottom of a wish, you see the following.

Implementation PlanImplementation Plan

You can assign it to a team member and even put in a due date!  There is opportunity for development here, however.  In particular, an overdue wish doesn't show up anywhere else except on the detailed wish list view.  It would be nice to maybe receive a message when a wish is overdue, or somehow integrate this with the Calendar.  There is also some possible confusion with the existing To-Do list functionality of a Project.

The wish list is a great way to put in action items, either as site-wide development wishes, or as group to-do items.  There is another type of wish list - one for Resources - but I think I'll save that for a possible future blog.  Have fun!

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