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    Lane Community College, BioQUEST

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    2-year College Faculty or Staff/Administration

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    Research @ a CC on a budget

    Scaffolding Research Skills

    Stacey has taught at Lane Community College full time since 1996. She primarily teaches the life science majors with an emphasis on zoology the third quarter. She co-taught Honors classes. Many biology classes at Lane incorporate undergraduate research, and her zoology students have been doing student-designed projects since 2013. Stacey was president of NABT (National Association of Biology Teachers) in 2014 and currently serves on NABT's the Intro Bio Taskforce. Stacey is co-chair of the Gordon Research Conference - Undergraduate Biology Education scheduled for June 2021. She started attending BioQUEST Summer Workshops in 1999 and currently volunteers as the Two Year Outreach director.

    Twitter: @StaceyKiser

    Instagram: slkiser2002

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