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AIM-UP! (Advancing Integration of Museums into Undergraduate Programs)

By Joseph A. Cook1, Scott Edwards2, Stefanie Ickert-Bond3, Eileen Lacy4

1. University of New Mexico, Museum of Southwestern Biology 2. Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology 3. University of Alaska Museum of the North 4. University of California Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

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An NSF-funded Research Coordination Network (DEB 0956129), the goal of AIM-UP! is to bring museum archives and natural history collections to the forefront of biology education. 

From the website:

We are developing these themes through meetings, on-line discussions and workshops at scientific meetings including an exploration of the use of natural history collections and associated databases to facilitate teaching in other subdisciplines in biology (e.g., developmental biology, behavior, physiology, and cellular biology) and in other fields (e.g., geography, art).



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Radford University