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  • Created 15 Sep 2019

Whether working with data from others or collecting your own data, this week we'll discuss teaching data management in our courses and how we can implement elements/versions/new ideas from the TIEE NEON Data Management module. This module is structured to follow elements of the data lifecycle: data collection, entry into data sheets, production of data files, and writing metadata. We'll discuss the skills of data collection and management particularly from the perspective of inclusive teaching.

Reading: all readings are also available as PDFs at this Google Drive link

Pre-discussion Questions: 

  • One way to think about the data lifecycle is that it preserves information about data for future communication, to yourself and to others. How can we help students to recognize the importance of data management in the classroom? 
  • How does data collection and management connect to activities within your class and/or chosen TIEE module(s)? Are you collecting and managing your own data, or interpreting data that was collected by others? 
  • How does inclusivity intersect with data collection and management, and how can we develop these activities to be inclusive? 

Assignment: Think about methods and opportunities for implementing data collection and management skills (using the Data Management TIEE module as a starting point) into your classes.