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  • Created 15 Sep 2019

This week we'll discuss adapting your TIEE module to be more inclusive. The pre-discussion questions focus on identifying dimensions of inclusion that you'd like to focus on for your particular module, and in our discussions we'll share and talk through ideas for modifying the TIEE modules for your classes. 


Pre-discussion Questions: 

  • What dimensions of diversity exist in your classroom? What could it look like to respect and welcome that diversity in your classroom? 
  • What would it look like for a student to be fully included and successfully learning with the TIEE module you plan to implement? 
  • What do you think is needed - in terms of resources, instructor prep, student prep, other things (time, etc) - to achieve this vision of inclusion and learning? 

Assignment: Considering the dimensions of diversity that exist in your classroom, outline an idea (or a few ideas) about adapting the TIEE module that you used/will use in your classroom to be more inclusive.