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  • Created 24 Jun 2015

"A Interdisciplinary Framework for Teaching Modeling PRIMUS paper" 11 posts Sort by created date Sort by defined ordering View as a grid View as a list

Experimental simulation for Density-Dependent Growth in R


The files include a document that describes the manipulative experiment and the computer programs along with three R scripts that can be used to automate the experiment to allow students to collect more data than can reasonably be done with the manipulative.

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Opening doors through mathematics. Position on professional development.

American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. Here they propose standards that mathematics be taught like sciences as a laboratory discipline.

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BUGBOX mathematical modeling simulations

Simulations that  model  prey density with consumption by one predator as well as a population of an insect over time.  

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Mathematical Manipulative Models: In Defense of “Beanbag Biology”

CBE Life Sci Educ. 2010 Fall; 9(3): 201–211.

doi:  10.1187/cbe.10-03-0040

Mathematical Manipulative Models: In Defense of “Beanbag Biology”

John R. Jungck,corresponding author* Holly Gaff, and Anton E. Weisstein

This paper discusses a number of experiential tools for improved quantitative understanding in the biology classroom.

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Gary Simundza demonstrates Experiential Learning

You tube video

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Faculty perceptions of a calculus reform experiment at a research university: A historical qualitative analysi

Explains a study done on calculus students to better understand how to shape their curriculum. 

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Population growth-exponential and logistic models vs. complex reality

Explains the ways that Exponential growth models and logistic models depict real world scenarios to students.

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University of California museum of paleontology

A project dedicated to helping students understand science. Explains how various elements of science works and how science is in everyday life. 

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Steady state vs. equilibrium in biology

Explains how a steady state system stays constant overtime. Also, explains how an equilibrium stays stable overtime. 

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Curriculum renewal across the first two years (CRAFTY).

Determines the mathematical needs of colleges. Also offers  a curriculum guide. Focuses on two key main points:

  • Determining  mathematical needs and priorities their partner disciplines by offering 22 weekend workshops.
  • Supporting mathematics departments to develop and offer an engaging  College Algebra courses.

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Transforming undergradaute education in biology: Mobilizing the community for change.

Its a vision to change Biology education through innovative ideas. The organization involved is the American Association for the Advancement in Science. They are searching for the best ways to teach biology.   

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